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Premium Mix (50% Tetraploid)

Late Tetraploid      Nashota             3kg

Late Tetraploid       Astonenergy      3kg

Late Diploid          Oakpark              3kg

Late Diploid          Astonking             3kg


Total                                                      12kg


Reseeding – Get 30% more grass!

Reseeded grassland will, on average, produce over 30% more dry matter per acre than grasses that are 10 years old or more.

Research shows that a dairy farmer doing a good job will reseed on average about 10% of his land each year. The national average is about once every 33 years!

Grass Varieties – Quality is the only real option

It makes sense to go with top quality varieties on the Department recommended list. These are backed up with research and trials in Irish conditions. The grass seed will cost less than 20% of the total cost of the reseeding and the difference between the cheapest mixes versus the best on the market is about 3% of the reseed cost.

We have a number of different  types of grass seed available again this year which have carefully selected ingredients to do the job properly for different needs. We will explain the Department s of Agriculture recommended list and the  new Pasture Profit Index (P.P.I.) from Teagasc and how they apply to your needs.

Please call Eleanor or Pat on 053-9236240 and we will help you work through the unbelievable amount of information on this subject and for prices.