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For best results, feed CryptoGold as part of the first feed, to boost the immune system and protect against crypto scour. CryptoGold is best administered as an oral drench.

  Start Follow-on
Newborn 25ml for 5 days 10ml for 16 days
Bought in calves 50ml for 1st day 10ml for 20 days
Scouring calves 50ml for 5 days

Key reasons for using CryptoGold

Cryptosporidium: CryptoGold contains citrus extracts, which help to prevent the onset of Coccidiosis

Immune System Health: CrytpoGold boosts your calf’s immune system, and repairs and optimises gut health

Anti-inflammatory properties: CryptoGold has anti-inflammatory properties

Cost effective: CryptoGold is a cost-effective means of preventing animal disease

Animal health: CryptoGold is fortified with key vitamins, minerals and trace elements, including crude ash and sodium, as well as traces of calcium and magnesium, for overall animal health

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CryptoGold from Acravet is a complementary feed for pre-weaned calves. CryptoGold is a blend of premium quality ingredients, designed to protect your calves against Cryptosporidium. CryptoGold contains Citrus Extract and Sodium Chloride Citrus Seed Extract, which help to kill the oocysts that cause Cryptosporidium. Because it contains a variety of minerals and trace elements, including Crude Ash and sodium, CryptoGold is an excellent supplement to support the overall health of calves. CryptoGold is a cost effective means of disease-prevention in calves.

Cryptosporidium is a parasitic disease of the intestinal tract. An opportunist disease, Cryptosporidium occurs when your animals’ health has been compromised by other stress factors such as weaning and the loss of mother’s milk.  Calves suffering from Cryptosporidium will exhibit appetite loss, fatigue, dehydration, and, most obviously, scour. If left untreated, death is very likely to ensue. Cryptosporidium is one of the biggest killers of calves at weaning. To prevent the onset of Cryptosporidium, supplement your calves’ diet with CryptoGold.

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