~~Please contact the office on 053 9236240 for delivered prices.25LTR PURESAN LINE CLEANER


Line Cleaner is suitable for the in-place cleaning of all types of milking equipment by re-circulation. It can be used hot or cold and is also suitable for bulk tank cleaning and brush washing.

It is a non-foaming caustic based liquid detergent/disinfectant. it has a clear green appearence with a typical chlorine odour.


  • Balanced caustic formulation providing excellent detergency to penetrate and remove milk residues rapidly.
  • Non foaming in use, makes the product ideal for all circulation cleaning systems.
  • Formulated to function in water of any hardness.
  • Solutions are very free rinsing, resulting in shiny equipmentsurfaces.
  • Liquid formulation enables the product to be used in a daily wash routine (morning and evening). When used cold a regular weekly hot wash should be used.
  • Registered under the Biocidal Products Directive (98/8/EC)

 Use Instructions

Milking Machines Morning Milking

  1. After milking, rinse machines to waste with 13 litres (3 Gallon) of cold water per milking unit.
  2. Add the required volume to the wash trough allowing 9 litres (2 Gallon) of water per cluster.
  3. For cold circulation cleaning use Line Cleaner at the rate of 450mls (16 fl.oz) per 45 litres (10 gallon). For hot circulation cleaning reduce rate to 300mls (11 fl.oz) Line Cleaner to 45 litres (10 gallon) of water.
  4. Circulate water for 10 minutes.
  5. Return solution to wash trough and retain for evening milking.
  6. Rinse the plant with 13 litres (3 Gallon) of cold water per milking unit.