Growvite Calf is a source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are essential for the health and growth in calves. Growvite Calf is a high quality nutritional supplement that delivers chelated minerals, vitamins and trace elements that are essential for growing calves.

It is especially effective at times of stress, such as weaning or sickness. Amongst other vitamins and minerals Growvite Calf is an indispensable source of copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium for your thriving calves.

Growvite Calf is particularly effective during times that the animal may be stressed such as time of weaning or times of sickness.

Growvite calf is specially formulated to the needs of thriving calves and is manufactured to the highest standards to guarantee the best supplements for your calves.

Its unique molasses based formula maximises absorption of minerals into the calves’ system.

Growvite calf can be given in conjunction with worming treatment without affecting the results of either treatment.

You can give Growvite Calf at 6 week intervals if you need to, and the minimum interval between doses should be three weeks.

Always administer supplements and medicines with care: you will find that Growvite Calf is easy to measure accurately so you give the correct dose:

  • 10 ml per 50 kg
  • 20 ml per 100 kg
  • 40 ml per 200 kg

Growvite Calf comes in handy bottle packs of 1 litre so it is easy to store safely and measure accurately.