Growvite Forte is a source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are essential for the health and fertility of your cattle. Amongst other vitamins and minerals Growvite Forte is an indispensable source of copper, cobalt, iodine and selenium for your cattle. Trials have proven that cows treated with Growvite Forte have improved fertility, less trouble during birth, enhanced growth in calves and are generally healthier animals.

Growvite Forte Mineral Supplement Trials:
During recent trials using Grovite Forte mineral supplement it was proven that treated animals have an increased conception rate compared to those that were not. The trial monitored the effects of treated cattle versus untreated in the following fields:
Pre Breeding
Pre Calving
Calving Problems
Conception Rates
The tests were undertaken using nine dairy herds with a total of 388 cattle used. Half of each herd was treated with Growvite Forte mineral supplement three weeks before calving and then again three weeks before breeding. The rest of the herds were not treated with Growvite Forte mineral supplement. The herds were evenly divided based on body condition, expected calving dates and equality of condition.

Growvite Forte mineral supplement trials results:
The trials found that using Growvite Forte showed the following results:
Conception rate to first service increased 18.7%, from 61.1% without treatment to 79.8% with treatment.
Cows had fewer problems during calving following treatment, retained placentas were reduced from 7.2% to 1.3%
The level of barrenness was almost halved, from 4.2% without treatment to  2.5% with treatment.
Farmers whose herds were included in the trials also noticed that cows were in better condition and altogether healthier animals. Calves from treated cows were healthier and tended to have fewer scours as a result.