Warts, Angleberry and Cowpox 500mls

Aids in the treatment of teat warts on dairy cows and angleberries in drystock. Also assists in reducing the bacteria that causes Pseudo Cowpox in dairy cows. Spray to run off and leave to dry. Do not spray near eyes. Use once daily until disorder improves. For light stringy warts, which heifer’s are prone to, spray lightly and allow to dry. Use only once per week as teat skin on heifer’s can be delicate. With angleberry growths on drystock, spray to cover area only.

Make sure to wear gloves. One spray to run-off should be sufficient. Only if required repeat in 7 – 10 days. Consult your veterinary surgeon if in doubt. The area must be clean and washed with clean water prior to applying. Leave spray dry onto affected area. Do not spray near animal’s eyes.