Heat Detection

Detail Paint is a specially formulated WATER-BASED paint that is quick and simple to apply to the tailhead of cows and heifers to identify animals in heat.

  • Quick and easy to apply 500ml bottle with applicator brush attached.
  •  Lasts up to 4 weeks subject to correct application and conditions
  •  Comes in four bright colours: RED, BLUE, GREEN and YELLOW…allows you to monitor the breeding status of the whole herd.
  •  Non-irritating, weather resistant. Contains bittering agent to stop cows licking it off.

How does it work?

Apply a strip of paint 15cm long by 5cm wide forward along the spine from the tail head.
Animals expressing oestrus activity or “standing heat” will have their patch rubbed due to the pressure of other animals riding/mounting them. This will even identify cows that are in heat for a short time, often missed by visual observation.