Milk Liners:  Replace them and you could save up to €2,000!

  • Teagasc research shows that milk liners need to be replaced after 2,500 milkings.  After this a 5% reduction in milk yield occurs due to under milking.
  • Divide the number of cows milking by the number of units.  Multiply the answer by 2.  Divide this answer into 2500.  This is the number of days that the liners are good for.
  • For example an 80 cow herd with a 10 unit machine will need to replace the liners after 156 days.
  • A 5% reduction in milk yield in an 80 cow herd producing 5454 litres/cow equates to €2,553 loss of revenue over 5 months at 26cent/litre.
  • It only costs €220 to replace the liners.