INTRA Hoof-fit REPIDERMA in an Aerosol 200ml

  • Skin protection spray
  • Antibiotic Free
  • Active on, under and within the skin
  • Micronized minerals: optimum 
  • absorption into the skin
  • For all types of hoofed animals

Intracare’s antibiotic-free Repiderma: effective skin care 
for animals

Cattle farmers, hoof trimmers and veterinarians can now 
work without antibiotics.

Intracare’s Hoof-fit line has 
experienced a strong upward development. Our ongoing 
research and innovation continues to help producers to 
control the challenges they face with their livestock. 

Intracare introduces a new addition to the well-known 
Hoof-fit Gel, Liquid and Bath products: 

Repiderma spray – in an aerosol can.

On a global scale, authorities are increasingly demanding a
reduction in the use of antibiotics in the animal production 

Repiderma is a user-friendly variant of our 
antibiotic-free Hoof-fit Gel, which has already proved itself 
repeatedly as a highly effective aid against skin and hoof 

Immediate effect on, under and within the skin
Repiderma is a skin care product with immediate effect. 

The active ingredients are chelated minerals, which –
unlike traditional minerals – can be absorbed easily by the 
skin. Therefore, Repiderma is not only active externally,
but also works ‘under and within’ the skin.

The healing effectiveness is intensified because the chelated minerals 
are micronized, using the latest nanotechnology 
techniques. Using specialized equipment, the minerals are 
ground into tiny particles no larger than 3 µm, which is 
25,000 times smaller than a grain of sand. As a result, the 
particles penetrate deeply into the skin in a short time.

Adhesion and protection
Repiderma contains adhesive substances, ensuring a long 
contact time with the skin. In addition to these adhesive 
substances, Repiderma contains numerous active 
ingredients that protect the skin against external 
influences. After applying the spray, Repiderma forms a 
semi-permeable protective layer on the skin. Negative 
external influences can no longer penetrate the skin, while 
the layer still allows oxygen in to help treat and repair the 
Animal types
Repiderma can be used on dairy cattle, horses, sheep and 
pigs. The product can be used in every situation where 
infections have to be prevented and where weak spots in 
the epidermis or the skin can use a boost.
Repiderma is available in a 200 ml aerosol can.
Ingredients: Repiderma contains copper sulphate, zinc 
chloride and butane 100.

Directions for use: 
 Clean the wound area
 Shake well before use
 Keep nozzle a distance of 15 cm from the skin
 Spray problem area
Ask for veterinarian for advice if problems persist